7 Clever Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Eyes depict the thoughts that the lips can’t- what’s your thought on that? Big, deep, lustrous eyes are the pair that remains desirable for everyone on this planet, irrespective of age, and gender. But, today, let us focus on the women and the clever hacks to make their eyes look bigger. There might be at least several tricks to make your eyes look bigger, however, you need to think of the ones that employ an instant effect.

Clever Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Let’s say, how about applying a touch of shimmering shadow or highlighter to the inner corner of the eyelids, especially near the tear ducts, and below the arches of your brows. This style would help to open the eyes instantly, thereby making them appear bright and wide. 

What if we think broad and a bit more about the hacks to make your eyes look bigger? For that, we have placed the section below that deals with the coolest hacks to ease down your work. Of course, makeup does almost half the work, and the rest half is dependent on your patience, artistic skills, and the way you would love to enhance your creativity.

On that note, let’s get our eyes glued to the section below, and browse through the tricks.

Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Have Your Eyebrows Well Defined

The primary step is to get the eyebrows in shape and on point. Properly defined and well-groomed eyebrows are the key to create the perfect frame for your eyes. You can start the process with simple things like brushing them upwards every day or use mascara to make sure that the hair stays in place during the day. The brows would give the perfect frame and edge to the eyes, give a nice frame to your eyes but in but for that, you need to make them look naturally defined. The best way is to use a pencil, a gel, or a brow mascara with pigment to define the shape.  

Use A Proper Concealer

This one is primarily for your under-eye area. After getting done with the moisturizer, day cream, or eye mask, it’s time you focus on brightening this important area of the body. Thus, you need to try a long-lasting concealer for this, that doesn’t crease. This is one of the tricks to make your eyes look bigger, where you seek a peachy tone to cancel out all the purple undertones and then apply the color which is almost two tones lighter than your normal skin color. Care for a pro-tip? Try using a soft blending blush to apply the amount you need, and then blend well if necessary.

Choose The Prime And Mascara Well

If you feel that donning too much mascara would make your eyes appear bigger and brighter, then refrain from doing that. This one is a wrong thought as too much mascara makes your eyelids look heavy, droopy, and smaller. Start with priming your eyelashes from roots to tips, and then let your mascara brush touch only the tips of the upper and lower lashes. This would help to pull up your eyelashes, yet, making them appear thick and fluttery without giving the feeling that these are being too heavy for the eyelids to carry.

Get Superior Quality Falsies Or Lash Extensions

If you are into falsies or support the idea of regular lash extension treatments, then choose the eyelashes of superior quality and the ones that would highlight and flatters your eyes without making them appear heavy and loaded. When chosen wisely, the falsies and lash extensions would help to brighten up your eyes and thereby making them appear livelier than the way it was naturally. But, before trying this hack from the list of tricks to make your eyes look bigger, get the falsies or lashes which you think suit your eyes the best.

Shadowing Above The Natural Eye Fold

This involves shadowing above your natural eye fold. Again, one of the best makeup hacks to make your eyes look bigger than they are. Start by drawing a soft line above your natural eye fold. While doing this, keep your eyes open and then line the upper part of your natural fold by using a nude color. This color should have a tone that’s at least two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Contouring The Cheekbones

Might appear funny, but enhancing your cheekbones would also help to frame your eyes big, thereby creating the perfect balance with your brows. This is one of the tricks to make your eyes look bigger where the entire attention is for your eyes. To start off, you might use a neutral color and then apply a shimmer on top of the cheekbones to create an extra glow. The entire thing is about contouring the cheekbones and making them sharper to make the eyes appear wide.

Use of Eye Skincare Product

This one includes keeping an eye skincare product in your makeup routine and make it a mandate. Eyes appear larger when they are healthy. So, plump up the skin around your eyes with an eye gel before applying your eye makeup.


So, here we end the list of tricks to make your eyes look bigger. Eyes are thought to be the reflection of who you are, and also give a perception of how you are feeling while sensing a lot about someone’s personality when you gaze deeply into their eyes. A spot-on, large, chunky eyes speak of a spirited personality and leave your company with the impression that you are listening to them attentively, and following each word spoken by them. The fact that putting on makeup exaggerates the eyes is not concealed. However, the trick depends on doing the eye makeup well, when we are trying to balance the makeup while seeking the tricks to make them appear wide. The thought might be confusing, but the process is not. Take a cue from the steps above, treat your eyes well, and let your eyes steal the show with sheer grace and dignity.

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