10 Proven Tips To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

The world is a complex place to thrive, owing to its stressful life, and tensions evolving from the different spheres. Adhering to all the stress, tensions, and complexities, our face becomes a reflection of all that’s happening in our minds, and brains. As a result, we are gifted with pimples, extra kilos, and of course, the most prominent, the under-eye dark circles. Raise your hands if you have googled like a zillion times the tips to remove dark circles under eyes. This is a common facial issue but a grave one, that becomes quite a pain in the days to come.

Proven Tips To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

The reasons might be many including insomnia, stress, irregular lifestyle, unhealthy food habit, age, genetics, or dehydration, but the consequence is the deep dark haze that surrounds the lower-eye, making the face look weary and miserable. I am sure you have already tried a host of remedies, but today we also have our set of solutions that are easy to access, thus becoming effective in the removal of the dark circles. Try them for once, feel good about it, and the pleasure is all ours.

On that note, we can start with the tips, right? Get hooked on to the next section then, and let’s start with the read.

Easy Tips To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

Applying A Cold Compress

A cold compress helps in the reduction of the swelling while shrinking the dilated blood vessels. This in turn helps to reduce the puffiness, thereby eliminating the dark circles. To start on with an easy process, take a clean and soft cloth, wrap a few ice cubes in it, and apply them to your eyes. For an alternative, you can also wash a cloth, dampen it with cold water and then apply it to the skin beneath the eyes for 20 minutes. Both the procedures show the same effect. Of course, repeat the thing if the ice melts, or in case the cloth becomes warm.

Never Compromise On Your Sleep

Deprivation of the proper amount of sleep is one of the primary reasons why dark circles are formed.  Now, on that note, never compromise on your eight-hour-long sleep. It’s better if you sleep extra, as sleep deprivation makes the skin look pale, thereby making the dark circles prominent. Also, change the way you sleep, and always try to elevate your head with a few pillows while sleeping. This in turn helps to prevent fluid from pooling under the eyes. Thus, the eyes look less puffy and swollen. Catching up on sleep is as important as getting the sleep on time.

Soaking Of Eyes With The Tea-Bags

This might be a bit time-consuming affair amongst the tips to remove dark circles under eyes. Start by soaking two black or green tea bags in boiling water for five minutes. Then after taking them out, cool them down in the refrigerator for 15 to 20 minutes. Once they are cold and ready to use, apply the tea bags under your closed eyes for at least 10 to 20 minutes. After done with all, properly rinse your eyes with cool water. The tea contains caffeine and antioxidants that help to stimulate blood circulation while shrinking down the blood vessels.

Messaging Aloe Vera Gently Under The Eyes

Honestly, this is one of the most sought-after beauty hacks and my personal favorite. Aloe vera gel is one of the most effective skin-care routines as it soothes the skin and nourishes it from within, deeply. Besides, Aloe vera gel has no side effects, and for better usage, you can use it fresh by plucking the leaf from your garden.

Take the gel, and apply it for 10 minutes in the area beneath the eyes. Then wipe the thing out with a fresh and soft cloth. The gel helps to reduce the dark circles by hydrating the skin and thereby boosting up blood circulation.

Potato Juice Extracts For Soothing The Eyes

Potato is one of the most common vegetables that’s loved by all. They have a greater amount of starch and enzymes in them, along with astringent properties. This formation helps to reduce the inflammation, thereby acting as a catalyst in tightening of the skin, and helping in the reduction of under-eye dark circles. Take a potato, grate it well, and then squeeze it hard to get the juice. Then dab a cotton ball into the juice, and carefully apply it onto your dark circles. Then, wash the entire thing after ten minutes, and rinse your eyes with cold water.

Tomato Eye Toner

This one is comparatively new in the tips to remove dark circles under eyes. For many of you who were unknown, the tomatoes have gained prominence as an excellent exfoliating agent. Thereby, when you start using it as a beauty and skincare routine, it becomes an instant hit. To start, start blending the lemon juice with fresh tomato juice, and then massage beneath the eye area with this toner daily. Then leave this toner on, at least for about 20 minutes, and then wash it off well with coconut water. This works well on the skin, goes on smooth, and makes the eyes appear brighter than before.

Applying Cold Milk Under The Eyes

Even if you hate the smell of the milk, this works great as a remedy to reduce the under-eye dark circles. The lactic acid in milk is an essential element in fighting the skin issues like aging and pigmentation. Moreover, the coolness of milk provides a certain layer of relaxation to blood vessels that’s present in the under-eye region. For a quick start, take half a cup of cold milk, and then dip two cotton pads into it. Pick them up, and place these cotton pads on the affected areas. If you are seeking immediate results, do this process twice a week.

DIY Coffee And Honey Scrub For Under-Eye

Coffee is supposed to contain antioxidants in greater amounts, and thereby, is a great remedy for solving issues related to puffy eyes, swollen eyes, and of course dark circles. Besides, coffee contains caffeine which acts as a natural skin toner to improve blood circulation and removing dark circles. Take one tablespoon of organic coffee powder, and mix it well with one tablespoon of honey. Make a semi-solid paste. Honey is known to be a natural moisturizer that helps in the absorption of caffeine from the skin for reducing dark circles. Apply the paste in the areas beneath your eyes, and especially on dark circles. Leave it overnight or you can also remove it after 30 minutes while experiencing any irritation.

Rosewater For Soothing The Eyes

Dark circles appear as the result of the darkening of the thin layer of skin placed under the eye. Rose Water helps to lighten the skin tone, thereby providing a soothing and calming sensation to the eyes. This is one of the most refreshing tips to remove dark circles under eyes, where the fragrance of rosewater relaxes, and makes the senses calm down. To start, take cotton balls, and soak them in clear water. Then, soak these wet cotton balls into the rose water. Apply the rose water-soaked cotton balls onto eyes and try the process at least twice a week. For better results, try pure and natural rose water.

Crushed Mint Leaves For Under Eyes

Mint is filled with Methanol that reduces water retention under the skin, thereby relieving the puffiness and soothing the tired eyes.



This is how we end the list of tips to remove dark circles under eyes. For many of you, the above remedies might appear similar, or maybe new. But the crux remains to get rid of the eye puffiness, and the dark haze that makes the face look worse. So, these are the effective ways of treating your eyes right.

Dark circles are a common hindrance that arises irrespective of gender. So, in the battle of sexes, this one is a truce, where both think alike. Yes, they can be difficult to get rid of sometimes, especially if other reasons are acting as a catalyst.

However, all the tips listed above are quite handy and hassle-free while you start using them. Also, even if you feel tired, a proper skincare routine at the end of the day is a must. So, take care, sleep well, and carry on with all the tips. Eyes are the greatest friend you have, so care well.